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Plan For Your Future Tomorrow



Importance of Properly Revoking Powers of Attorney

It is very important to regularly review and update all of your estate planning documents. However, your financial...

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How to Protect Your Great Ideas or Works for Your Family

Your money, home, and vehicles are not the only things you should include in your estate plan. Your intellectual...

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Who's On Your Team?

Estate planning is not just about what happens to your stuff when you die. It is about coordinating all aspects of your...

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Are Any of These 11 Mistakes Lurking in Your Estate Plan?

1) Lack of Healthcare and Disability Planning. The majority of deaths occur in hospitals or other institutions....

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Three Legal Things to Do After a Scary Health Diagnosis

A scary health diagnosis can be emotionally and logistically challenging for many reasons. For instance, how can you...

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Who Should Be My Medical Agent?

Depending upon the state in which you live, a medical agent could also be known as an agent under an advance healthcare...

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Is a Handwritten Will Effective?

After the 2018 passing of the legendary singer Aretha Franklin, her family and lawyer initially thought she had died...

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Common Mistakes with DIY Estate Plans

The internet offers all the information and tools we need at our fingertips to create our own estate plan, right? For...

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Important Things Your Agent Under a Medical Power of Attorney Needs to Know

Even if you are currently the picture of good health, you may suddenly become too ill to make healthcare decisions for...

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What is a Survivor's Trust?

A married couple establishes a joint trust with each contributing their share of their joint or community property (if...

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