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Gary Kershner recently set up a Revocable Family Trust for my husband and I, and we are very happy with the results. There is more to this process than one might realize, and Gary took us through all of it, with thoroughness and efficiency. As others point out below, he was very helpful in accommodating my husband's work schedule, listening to us as we as we worked out our preferences, and very knowledgeable and thorough about all the legal and tax considerations. And a good value, too! We feel very reassured that we have done the right thing with getting this process set up, and that Gary has done a good service for us.

Maret B

My husband and I went to see Gary to have a Family Trust created. Gary was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He was able to answer all of our concerns and put us at ease. He accommodated our busy schedules and even offered to come to our home. I would highly recommend Gary and suggest you don't put this off.

Mimi S

Gary was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in working with us to do our estate planning and preparing our Trust. He is warm and friendly, and very accommodating to our schedule, as well as being very patient. I appreciated how he answered all of our questions and was very understanding about each scenario that we presented. He seemed to genuinely care about creating the best possible plan that met our wishes for our family, and was quite non-judgmental. He welcomed our engagement for the long term and made us both feel reassured about trusting to call upon him in those inevitable challenging circumstances that will arise. We learned a lot through the whole process and were guided by Gary every step of the way. I feel deeply grateful to have found Gary and to have been able to work with him through a process that can be difficult for many (preparing for one's loss or one's loved one's loss), and feel like, with his expert help, we have done something really lovely for our children.

Cindi R

I would highly recommend Gary Kershner, attorney. He helped me in my time of need, in regards to my living trust. The counsel I received was timely, helpful, and comforting. Gary went the extra mile for me and my family. I think highly of his counsel and would strongly recommend him.

Doreen W

I would highly recommend Gary Kershner as he helped my husband and I set up our will and living trust with care and attention to detail. He is very personable and very clearly and thoroughly walked us through all of our options along the way. He was very flexible and willing to go out of his way to meet off hours and at our home as needed, in order to accommodate our busy schedule. It really was a pleasure to work with Gary!

Michele W

Following the passing of our original estate planning attorney (with whom Mr. Kershner worked for many years) Mr. Kershner took over that role. He has provided both immediate and long term planning advice to us for approximately 12 years. Not only does he have a broad experience base, he is very responsive and very accommodating as well. He stays in touch and follows up on details in a timely manner. He has worked hand-in-hand with our financial advisers to help structure our comprehensive retirement plan. In addition he has worked and continues to work with other members of our family regarding their estate planning issues.

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