There's No Reason to Delay Proper Estate Planning

There's No Reason to Delay Proper Estate Planning

We know the inevitable will happen, but we don't know when it will
happen. Therefore, it's important to establish comprehensive plans for
your estate sooner rather than later. Estate planning offers many
benefits, no matter the size or complexity of your estate. To learn how
estate planning can benefit you, schedule your free consultation at the
Law Offices of Gary R. Kershner.

During your initial consultation, you'll discover how estate
planning can be used to:

Name who will receive your assets after your passing

  • Reduce the otherwise exorbitant estate tax rates
  • Facilitate the probate process for your family
  • Dictate preferences for life-prolonging medical care
  • Handle your financial affairs should you become incapacitated
  • Make plans for your funeral arrangements
  • Name guardians for care of minor children

Start benefiting from the many advantages estate planning offers by contacting the
Law Offices of Gary R. Kershner today

Preserve your rights as you age

Elder law in Oakland, CA

Planning doesn't have to focus on the end. Elder law focuses on issues, such as long-term housing, medical care and elder abuse, that retired citizens encounter as they age. Learn how you can protect your rights as a senior by scheduling your consultation with an elder law attorney in Oakland, CA today.

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