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Educational Workshops to Demystify Estate Planning

Do you have questions about estate planning?

Are you interested in planning for your future?

Estate planning may not involve the easiest subject matter, but the process doesn't have to be stressful. It's important to have a plan in place-it provides us peace of mind and makes difficult times a little easier for our loved ones. Yet, more than half of us don't have a written estate plan and many more people do not have a plan that meet their needs. Join me for a workshop and take an important first step in planning for your future-and that of your family.

In my practice I focus on customizing solutions. I help clients articulate their needs, understand the possibilities and then implement an estate plan that best fits their and their family's goals. My approach is unique in that I focus on education. I find that by giving clients a greater understanding of the options available they stay in control, which eliminates stress.

I offer clear, compelling workshops that answer important questions, offer sound advice, and set you on a path to smart estate planning.