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Elder Law Attorney in Oakland, California

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Elder Law in Oakland, California

As you age in retirement, you may experience legal issues that you would not have anticipated years ago. Many of such issues, such as healthcare, long-term housing, and discrimination, fall under the category of elder law.

Elder law is a relatively new area of practice, a field in which many attorneys may not be comfortable. Gary R. Kershner thoroughly understands the legal issues associated with elder law and how they will apply to your situation. We Understand no two cases are the same and that circumstances vary and can change over time. That is why we offer customizable and personal legal services that meet your unique needs.

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What an Elder Law Attorney Can Do for You

Making plans for possible events like sickness, incapacity, or death can be very unsettling. But when you have a compassionate and experienced attorney helping you, putting things in place can be more comforting than painful. Having a plan can also help your children feel at peace knowing that no matter what happens, you will be taken care of.

If you are in the Oakland and Berkeley, California area, make your appointment with the Law Offices of Gary R. Kershner to speak with an elder law attorney in Oakland, CA about:

• Medi-Cal and Veteran’s benefits planning

• Protecting your benefits

• Establishing powers of attorney

If you’re in retirement or approaching it, you understand how planning today can make for a better tomorrow. You will have peace of mind knowing you have a Plan B in case something goes wrong, and you can give your children a little peace knowing you will be taken care of. Plan with the Law Offices of Gary R. Kershner and preserve your rights as a senior. Call today to schedule your appointment.