Have you prepared for the future yet? Turn to an estate planning attorney in Oakland, California.

Planning for the future is for everyone, no matter your age, stage in life, or size of your house. Trusts and wills will need to be created so you can safeguard your house, car, bank account, and other assets. With these strategic plans in place, your family will save time, money, and stress once you pass away.


Gary R. Kershner

Attorney at Law

I enjoy going to work. As an estate planning attorney, I get to help individuals and couples secure their assets for once they pass away. Establishing trusts, wills, living wills, and more gives my clients peace of mind because they are allowed to put in writing what they want to happen to their belongings after they pass away.

Although I have been a lawyer for more than 30 years, I take pride in the idea that you can never stop learning. I use the knowledge and skills I've gained through past cases to help my future clients reach their goals.

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Who Needs an Estate Plan?

Everyone can benefit from planning ahead, regardless of the size of their estate.

Whether you’re having your first child, saving up to buy a house, or are looking to retire soon, it is never too early to set up an estate plan. The sooner you start the process, the more secure your assets will be in the long-run.

3 Major Components to a
Successful Estate Plan

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    Trusts can be used to transfer a legal title of property to another either while you, the beneficiary, are still alive or after your death. In order for a piece of property to be included in that particular trust, it must be explicitly stated.

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    On the other hand, wills only go into effect after you have passed away. Wills must go through probate, which is the process of the courts ensuring the will is valid and the assets listed are distributed based on your wishes.

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    Power of Attorney

    Should you become incapacitated, you need a trusted family member or loved one that can speak on your behalf for your medical care or bill-paying decisions, for example.

It’s Never Too Early to Prepare for the Future.

What Happens If You Don't Have An Estate Plan?

The State’s In Charge of Distributing Your Assets

The complicated process of probate begins and the courts will decide what belongings will be distributed and to whom, which may not end up the way you would have wanted it to.

Judges Determine Who’ll Make Important Decisions

Without a power of attorney in place, a judge will have the ultimate choice as to what family member will decide how to treat you medically or how to move forward with your finances.

Save Your Resources By Calling My Estate Planning Firm Today

Establishing an estate plan takes effort, but the time, money, and stress that your family will be saving after you pass away will be minimal in comparison. I can help you safeguard your future.

Taking the Time Today Will

Save You Time Tomorrow

I cannot stress enough how important it is for everyone to establish trusts, wills, and power of attorney, no matter if they’re 27 or 72. You never know when your last day on Earth will be, so take the precautionary steps needed to protect the things in life that matter the most to you.